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Marbles Brain Workshop Otrio



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Otrio is an excellent 2-4 player head-to-head strategy game that will fire up your competitive side!

The rules of Otrio are simple; get three circular pieces of your color in a row in either ascending or descending order, the same sized pieces in a row, or three concentric pieces in the same space!

You can't find much simpler rules than this for strategy games which means gameplay becomes more deep and challenging depending on the wit of your opponent! Also, the wooden board sure is a beauty to behold and makes a winsome addition to your home decor.

Otrio is straight out of our Brain Workshop which means you can't find it anywhere else! If you're looking to show off your smarts in a brainy showdown, then look no further than Otrio.

How to Play

Set up:

Place the pieces on the outermost board. Like colors should be placed together.

How to Play:

2 players: each player will select two colors. Take turns placing one piece per turn in the playing areas, alternating between your two colors. (play proceeds clockwise)

3 or 4 players: each player selects a color. Remove one color from the board if only 3 are playing.

Rules for Placing Pieces:

  • Once a piece is placed, it cannon be moved.
  • If you can't play a piece, you skip your turn
  • Keep placing pieces until some gets an Otrio

    How to Win:

  • Get 3 same-sized pieces of the same color in a row
  • Get 3 pieces of ascending or descending size in a row
  • Get 3 concentric pieces in the same space


  • 3 Red Pieces of Large, Medium and Small (in heat seal bag)
  • 3 Green Pieces of Large, Medium and Small (in heat seal bag)
  • 3 Blue Pieces of Large, Medium and Small (in heat seal bag)
  • 3 Purple Pieces of Large, Medium and Small (in heat seal bag)
  • 1 Wood play board
  • 1 Instruction sheet

    Product Details

  • Recommended Age: 6+
  • Dimensions: 15" x 5.35" x 2.5"
  • Number of Players: 2-4
  • Manufacturer:
    Spin Master
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